Frappé (iced coffee)

Frappé (iced coffee)

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Frappé is the most popular coffee served in Greece, especially during summer. It is an iced coffee drink with a thick frothy layer at the top made from instant coffee. Frappé is very easy to make using either a cocktail shaker or a (hand) mixer. The idea is to blend instant coffee with some water until a creamy foam forms, then add cold water and ice cubes and optionally some evaporated milk.


  1. Pour 15 ml of cold water in a glass or shaker. Add instant coffee and sugar.
  2. Blend with an electric hand mixer or with a shaker until all water becomes foam like a thick shiny cream.
  3. Poor into another glass or simply add chilled water, a few ice cubes and optionally some evaporated milk. Enjoy frappé in the afternoon with some Baileys instead of milk and you’ll get an amazingly cool and refreshing alcoholic drink!
  4. Enjoy your Greek style frappé!


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