French fries omelet

French fries omelet

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Beaten eggs on top of deep fried French fries create this juicy French fries omelet. The secret to this otherwise modest French fries omelet lies in its slightly runny, caramelized top, which turns into a masterpiece, as freshly grated parmesan forms a thin skin.


Peel and cut potatoes in small cubes (2cm x 2cm) and after washing and draining them in a colander to remove unnecessary starch, towel them well.Heat the oil over high heat but don’t let it smoke as it will burn the potatoes. Gently drop the potatoes and onion and continue frying on high heat. The onion adds flavor while frying French fries.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and add milk. After about 20’-25’, when French fries are ready, drain and place them back into the pan (without lowering the heat just yet).
Season the french fries with freshly ground pepper and plenty of salt. Pour on top the beaten eggs and milk, add the grated parmesan and lower the temperature (2/10), covering with the lid. Allow the omelet to cook and become fluffy for 5’-7’ with the lid on, turn the heat off after 3’ and let it cook in its warmth.
Serve immediately and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley or dried tarragon.
Ομελέτα με Πατάτες

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